Former PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive World of Final Fantasy arrived on PC this week, though don’t get too excited. It’s locked at 30fps, has next to no video options and those that are present can’t be accessed in game. Instead, PC players got some pretty powerful built-in cheats.

Freshly downloaded from Steam, World of Final Fantasy initially opens in windowed mode, with no obvious means to adjust it. Rather than include the video options in the game proper, the port features a standalone configuration tool, accessed by right-clicking the game name in the Steam library. Are you ready for this?


Four options, that’s all we get. We can go full screen or windowed, adjust the resolution, change the shadow resolution and enable or disable post-processing. That’s it. Unfortunate.

While a lot of Steam users in the game’s discussion section are upset about the 30fps lock, I don’t mind it so much. It’s how I played it on the PlayStation 4, and better than I played it on the stuttering Vita, and that’s fine. I just wish there were more ways to play with display resolution and effects, maybe support for my ultra widescreen monitor.


Otherwise it’s still World of Final Fantasy, one of my favorite modern FF games. Strategic turn-based combat, adorable critters, plenty of cameos and a sharp sense of humor—it’s all here.

The game would go much faster if I could stop taking screenshots.

All here and then some. While they couldn’t add in display options, Square Enix did manage to tuck in five powerful cheats, much like they’ve done with the PC ports of older Final Fantasy games. There’s “Free AP,” which removes the cost from casting abilities, allowing players to spam their most powerful attacks. “Free Champions” takes away the requirements for summoning powerful guest characters into battle. “Max Gil” and “Max Battle Items” are self-explanatory. Finally we get the option to disable random encounters altogether.


My advice? If you’ve never played the game before, avoid the cheats completely. There’s a lot of fun to be had in building parties of captured critters into formidable fighting teams and taking them into battle to see how they do. These cheats could water down that experience considerably.

If you have played, as I have, then go to town. I am going to hunt down every creature I missed in my PlayStation play-through, fill out my “Who’s Who” compendium and basically do all the extra stuff I didn’t have time to the first time around. All at a partially-blazing 30 frames-per-second.

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