Wooting / BadSeed Tech

You can’t customize the plate or the analog switches, though. But why would you? They’re central to what makes this thing great. (The switches are lube-able, however.) This is a perfectly customizable device and can be improved. And it costs under $200. How even.


The Wooting 60HE lives up to all the competitive promises it makes of low input latency, adjustable actuation levels at a per-key level, and custom functions that will let you do everything but dodge bullets in your competitive game of choice. Its analog movement function, though limited by the support that needs to come from game developers enabling simultaneous input, allows for richer, more immersive gameplay experiences. The $175 price point feels surprisingly reasonable for something built so well, and you can mod it to a degree that matches many purely custom keyboards.

With its impressively well-built, moddable, and maintainable hardware, the Wooting 60HE is well worth the cost. Every critique I’ve considered is well balanced by its advantages as a physical device and as a novel input device. And though there are other analog keyboards out there, not all of them check all the boxes of the Wooting, which include killer, trouble-free software and high levels of customization in both software and hardware. It arguably sets a standard for other specialty keyboard manufacturers to match. And I wish them luck, because Wooting clearly knows what it’s doing.