Tokyo trendsetter Harutamu looks ready to set another fad: Turning your fingernails into ad space.

Harutamu had her nails done up to promote Candy Crush in Japan. The official press release is calling this a "nail advertisement" (ネイル広告 or nairu koukoku).


Japanese site GetNews wonders if this is a world's first. Kia had a nail promotion in 2011—though, what Harutamu is doing is slightly different. Surely, something like this has existed before, no?

Harutamu got internet fame earlier this year for her outrageous Coming of Age Day get-up and for helping to create the "hair smiles" photo trend.

Let's have a look at how she's now promoting Candy Crush:

Doing regular things must be... tricky with those nails. Though, Harutamu seems to be anything but "regular."

世界初のネイル広告!? 黒ギャル・はるたむのデコネイルがすごい [GetNews]

独創的PR会社おくりバント、Twitterで話題の黒ギャル"はるたむ"のネイルに [Adways]

Photos: はるたむ

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