During the Black Friday chaos, one woman at a Walmart in Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley pepper-sprayed shoppers during a scene of commercial chaos that broke out over video games.

As previously posted, the Walmart was a mess, as the video game section was "torn down", and several of the 100 people "waiting in line to snag Xbox gaming consoles and Wii video games got into a shoving match".

It was during this chaos that the woman blasted other shoppers with pepper spray. No wonder one shopper said that the "shoving and bombarding" near the game display set off the pepper spray.

The woman, who pepper-sprayed over a dozen shoppers, has not been charged with any crime.


"What am I going to charge her with?" Los Angeles police Detective Michael Fesperman asked the Los Angeles Daily News.

"There was a stampede at Walmart from people getting Xbox games for half off," he said. "There was no control. People were getting stampeded and trampled. There were people screaming, yelling that they were being trampled or crushed.

"This woman may have fired her pepper spray in self-defense." According to the police, it was "in her rights" for the woman to carry the pepper spray.


Each of the sprayed shoppers were treated in-store before being sent home.

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