The X-Men's resident badass Wolverine sure plays a mean pinball, and fans can too when Zen Studios unleashes four Marvel-themed pinball tables for Pinball FX next week on Xbox Live Arcade.


Wolverine joins Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Blade as the stars of next week's batch of mighty Marvel additions to Xbox Live Arcade's Pinball FX 2. The four new tables will be available on December 8 for download from within the pinball platform, giving players four exciting new ways to claw their way up the game's solo and friend-based leaderboards.

The set will run Pinball FX 2 owners 800 Microsoft points, and having played all four tables I highly recommend not missing out.


PlayStation 3 pinball players will be able to purchase the tables as a standalone Marvel Pinball download on the PlayStation Network for $9.99 on December 14.

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