The new Wolverine game was always going to be a brawler. A fighter. That's what Wolverine does, he brawls, he fights. But what kind of brawler? What kind of fighter? Developers Raven have opened up.

Speaking with EGM (yes, the article from this month's mag is now online), Raven's Dan Vondrak has spoken of the game's influences, and where they hope to take both the character and the game:

God of War was an influence. Devil May Cry, even Super Smash Bros., to a point. When we play [games like that], we just like the simplicity. Every character has their basic set of moves — that's simple. People get that, and mass market gets that, so we're making sure we bring that to Wolverine.

Gasp! Fisher Price: My First Brawler, then? Maybe not, as Vondrak continues that the simplicity is as much about maintaining the character's speed as it is about making it easy to play.

People are going to play Wolverine and then be annoyed with how slow other action games are. We've gone back and played highly touted action games we all love, and you're in these attacks forever. And it's not just the speed — it's the ease in which you're able to [break] out of your attacks at any time.

Full interview's below (along with a ton of new screens), and is worth reading if you like seeing the words "Ninja Gaiden" thrown around a few times in relation to this game.


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