First Look At Wolverine's Solo Game In New EGM

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The January issue of EGM spills the beans on the video game adaptation of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Raven Software's actio-adventure starring Marvel's most popular mutant. And 1UP has the first shot of Logan in action.


1UP says we're looking at Wolverine's in-game model, illustrating just how expertly someone at Raven can render a bulging vein. Do make sure to check out the Hugh-mungous hi-res version to see the little details.

What scant details 1UP provides — Sentinel boss fights, ultra-violence, "a new approach to seamless cinematic in-game cut-scenes" — certainly have us interested. Hopefully our upcoming issue of EGM is already well on its way to Kotaku Towers West. Until then, we'll just ogle that single screen.


First Screenshot and Info For X-Men Origins: Wolverine [1UP]

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We get to see Deadpool, right?