Wolfenstein Will Miss Its August 4 Due Date

Raven and id Software's Wolfenstein won't be opening a portal to retail the first week of August, as previously planned. The latest game to be hit by a summer delay will now ship a few weeks later, Activision confirmed today.


Why? According to an Activision spokesperson, the delay was made "in order to facilitate a simultaneous global release window for id Software's Wolfenstein."

Activision has therefore "realigned the game's release date for the week beginning August 17th." We're sure that goals were realized to some degree of synergy.

That two week delay for Wolfenstein is the second bit of bad news from Raven and Activision this month. The developer's original time-shifting shooter Singularity was recently pushed into Q1 2010, supposedly to distance it from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's November release.

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