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While there isn't any official news about Fallout 4 just yet, Bethesda-published Wolfenstein: The New Order does give a quick nod to everyone's favorite vault-dwelling franchise.


Obviously, if you'd rather not have the location of the easter egg spoiled, you probably shouldn't watch this video by xReignMan40x!

Vault 101 is, as some of you might know, is where the main character in Fallout 3 originates from.

Most vaults housed people after a catastrophic war in the game's fiction, but instead of saving them, the vaults were intended to conduct experiments that tested out various absurd scenarios. But while some vaults had situations like "population is entirely composed of women, save for one man," Vault 101 had most of everything in for a piece of technology that could ensure the vault could live on the surface once the coast was clear.

You can read our Wolfenstein review here, or check out its awesome 90's throwback easter egg.

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