Witness The True Horror of Far Cry 4's Badgers

You may not know this, but badgers are the worst. Combine that fundamental truth, with the randomness of Far Cry 4, and what you get is pure chaos.


Watch as a scene in Far Cry 4 starts breaking down completely, complete with rhinos, characters fusing into trucks, and an endless supply of rocks. This is all thanks to many pesky badgers that terrorize players, NPCs and enemies alike. AAVG gets it right when they call this "Bath Salts Wildlife Simulator."

This is one of many amusing glitches I've found floating around for Far Cry 4. Let's take a look at some others, shall we?

First, let's keep talking about badgers. Yannick found that sometimes, badgers don't quite die the way they're supposed to:

That's because they're demon animals sent up to the surface to destroy everything. Hellspawn don't follow the laws of physics. This also explains why badgers are sponges that are so difficult to kill in Far Cry 4.

Really, it's amazing to see the ways in which the wildlife in Far Cry 4 can go haywire, as this video by 365Gaming shows:

It's a total "my planet needs me" moment, too, heh:


Hilarious things can happen to the characters too, of course. Observe what happens when DimpledEagerHerald throws a knife at an enemy:


Other players, like Trigentify, have found this too:

Here's another fun one, found by our very own Yannick. Chris went in and added some appropriate music, because we do god's work here at Kotaku dot com:

Other glitches, like this one from BreckR, are just sort of inexplicable:

Apparently there's a glitch that lets you fuse with other characters, resulting in this driving monstrosity found by Platform32:

Then we have the villager who feels no pain, found by EffluentCircus:

Abdulsalam Alanazi finds that some characters don't even seem to mind when they have knives lodged in their faces:

None of these seem game-breaking, they're just funny to watch—so you can't really get miffed that they exist. I'm curious, though: have you encountered any good glitches in Far Cry 4? Let us know in the comments.



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