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Witness The Destructive Power Of Dubstep In Saints Row IV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

During PAX East earlier this year, Tina Amini told us that we could unleash the true power of the dubstep plague in the upcoming Saints Row IV. I did not believe her. I quietly denounced her as a liar. I may have thrown stones from a safe distance. Now I feel mildly bad about it, because here it is: the Dubstep Gun.


Deep Silver (it's still hard not to type THQ) sent over the whole PAX East walkthrough for the game this morning, showing off not only the fabled Dubstep Gun, but also... I wasn't paying attention after the Dubstep Gun. I guess there's a mech suit too.

Fun fact: my kids and I play the dubstep game, in which I swing them around fast, then slow, then fast again, all the while making wah-wah noises with my mouth. They think this is hilarious. I call it Jim Henson's Skrillex Babies.


Anyway, Dubstep Gun, and other stuff. Tina was right, I was wrong, still don't trust her.