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With E3 over, now is as good a time for another friendly reminder that Capcom’s Deep Down is still M.I.A. The last time the game’s website was updated was December 25, 2014, and the last activity on its official Twitter was a retweet from March 23, 2015.


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Brian: One of my best friends works for CAPCOM, and the most he could tell me was that Deep Down is still “a thing”, but the original concept was completely scrapped. He made it sound like they started from scratch again, so take that for what it is. (He also kept stressing on CAPCOM’s lack of interest in new IPs, so Deep Down might just be on hiatus).

Personally, I played it two years ago at Tokyo Game Show, and it was pretty bad back then. I wonder if CAPCOM got enough feedback from people to rethink the whole project.