Witchmarsh Is A Lovecraftian Detective Thriller

Just added to Kickstarter, Witchmarsh is a co-op RPG featuring detectives exploring the supernatural in 1920's Massachusetts:

It's the Roaring Twenties! Join an unlikely team of detectives as they charge headlong into the darkest corners of rural America. Their mission: find and return the missing 'Witchmarsh Twelve' who vanished under mysterious circumstances.

A handsome reward is in store should they succeed, but with the supernatural lurking around every corner, will any of them live long enough to collect it?

Witchmarsh puts a fresh, accessible spin on classic RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Wizardry, without compromising on depth. The game features online multiplayer, extensive character creation, countless ability and item combinations, and rewarding boss encounters.


A refreshing mix of modern and classic RPGs, with branching dialogue and responsive, tactical combat.

Play singleplayer or with friends in 2-4 player Co-op.

Dripping with Jazz Age style, featuring music by Francisco Cerda, composer on Gunpoint and Jamestown.

A massive character creation sandbox with over 50 unlockable abilities* across five spellbooks. Mix and match attributes, perks, items and weapons to create a unique team of adventurers. Or simply use one of the many templates to dive straight into the action.

A game for seasoned RPG fans as well as players new to the genre. Optional bosses and challenges for those brave enough to seek them out.

Over ten* playable characters. Watch your choice in personalities result in conflict, friendships, wisecracks... romance?

A dynamic hidden item system ensures no two trips to Witchmarsh are the same.


Support Witchmarsh at Kickstarter.

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