Witcher Sells A Million

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Here's your PC gaming good news story for the day: CD Projekt Red have announced today that, since the game was first released in 2007, The Witcher has sold over a million copies. That's including both versions of the game, the original as well as the "Enhanced Edition". For a traditional PC RPG, made by an obscure Eastern European developer with a silly name, those are great, great numbers. Congrats! The Witcher Sells One Million Copies In A Year [Gamasutra]

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well done CD project. I'm happy it sold so well, not only because the game is great and brings some new ideas (that you have to try to chose the lesser evil, there is never a way that's really satisfying. And that the results of your choice come delayed, sometimes a few hours later, so you can't just do the trial and error method and check the outcomes).

The reason why they deserved the high sales figure the most is, that they didn't just do some bugfixing after the release. They kept on working and really enhancing the game and made, what others would release in an addon, free.