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Witcher Developer And Polish PC Company Make Deal Official

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Witcher developer CD Projekt was made its deal Polish computer company Optimus official.

As we reported earlier, a nearly defunct public PC assembly company Optimus S.A. was planning to strike a deal with CD Projekt.


CD Projekt spokesperson told us at the time that the company has signed a letter of intent - not an agreement. "In short," the spokesperson explains, "this is a kind of share swap between Polish stock company Optimus S.A. and CD Projekt Investment (which is the holding company owner of CDP Publishing, CDP RED,, Metro and Porting House)."


The end result result is that the shareholders of CD Projekt Investment will become the owners of Optimus S.A. "Since Optimus is a stock market company," the spokesperson states, "CD Projekt will in fact go public and have access to all stock instruments. Ultimately, this means money for future development of the whole company."

The deal has gone through. The deal itself is complicated financial operation but the final result is very simple: CD Projekt Investments owns 50% of Optimus shares which in fact means that Optimus is now controlled by CD Projekt . According to game site Gamikaze, the deal is worth 63 million zlotych (US$22.5 million) and CDP will enter the Polish stock market through this agreement. CD Projekt Investments owns 50% of the Optimus shares and have control over Optimus. That means CD Projekt has not been "acquired" by Optimus, a company spokesperson has told Kotaku. CD Projekt has the control over both companies now.

"The transaction fully accomplishes the strategic objectives of CD Projekt," said Adam Kiciński of CDP Investment." First of all, as a company we enter the stock market and that means gaining access to capital. That enables us to continue to grow. We also got instant financing and so we can calmly continue our current operations in the times of the [economic] crisis. And all of that while keeping control of the company, what has been crucial to us. What is worth noting is the fact, that we join forces with the company that (just like us) influenced the shape of the Polish computer market throughout the years."

CD Projekt i Optimus podpisują umowę - Gamikaze - aktualności ze świata gier [Gamikaze]