Not all the in-game boobs in the world can save The Witcher developer CD Projekt from apparently being acquired by Polish computer company Optimus. But this might not be a bad thing. It could be a very good thing.

Polish site Polygamia reports that a nearly defunct public PC assembly company Optimus S.A. is going to buy out CD Projekt. From the sound of Polygamia's story, it sounds like this buyout is to enable CD Projekt, a private company, to enter the stock market as a publicly traded company without the necessary formalities.


The owners of CD Projekt, it seems, will then be the owners of the new company, which will then be traded on the stock market. An official announcement is expected, and Kotaku is following up with CD Projekt.

Update: According to a CD Projekt spokesperson, the company has signed a letter of intent — not an agreement. "In short," the spokesperson explains, "this is a kind of share swap between Polish stock company Optimus S.A. and CD Projekt Investment (which is the holding company owner of CDP Publishing, CDP RED,, Metro and Porting House)." The end result result is that the shareholders of CD Projekt Investment will become the owners of Optimus S.A. "Since Optimus is a stock market company," the spokesperson states, "CD Projekt will in fact go public and have access to all stock instruments. Ultimately, this means money for future development of the whole company."

Optimus kupi CD Projekt? [Ploygamia via GI via VG247]

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