CD Projekt Red / xLetalis

So what does this symbol mean? Well, right off the bat, the forked pattern in the center of the red triangle is largely what clued fans into the FF 06 B5 connection. It perfectly matches the symbol found on the very Cyberpunk 2077 statue that started this whole mess of theories and mystery hunting.


The meaning of this symbol has been the subject of intense speculation itself. Many believe it relates to the different branching plot threads of Cyberpunk; others have been scouring the game for matching iconography elsewhere in its world and potential connections to other works of pop culture. Some suspect there’s a connection to ancient numbering systems. But if anyone had any doubt that the connection to Cyberpunk was intentional, the sleuths of Reddit have unearthed more. Translating the symbols that circle the triangle reveals the following: FF VQ BZ, as well as some other characters.

What does any of this mean? Well, if you think you have the answer then head on over to r/FF06B5 and make sure your theory hasn’t already been documented or dismissed. The folks there have been at this for two years and there’s a ton of rabbit holes to fall into. The Witcher connection is already the subject of some intense theorycrafting on that subreddit.


There’s no doubt that mysteries like this are fun. But with something as elusive as FF 06 B5, which two years of collective mystery-hunting hasn’t been able to crack, it’s hard to tell if getting hints in an entirely other game is going to make things clearer, or hopelessly more convoluted.