Witchcraft, Sex and Murder Make This The Craziest Game I've Played This Year (So Far)

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When I started SABBAT, I had no idea what to think. It asks you what's in your drawers, and then makes it obvious you're about to kill a bunch of animals in sacrifice—in the hopes that darker powers take you away from your miserable life.


This interactive fiction certainly has an unsettling start, but curiosity kept me clicking further. I don't want to spoil what happens, but I will say that this Twine game manages to mix the absurd, insane, and the relatable pretty well.

At one point, for instance, you might find yourself trying to sleep with a character, only to find that your new body doesn't work the way you thought it did. Being a demonspawn feels a whole lot like being a teenager, funnily enough.


...and then after that scene you go and kill some more things. You can't just be this powerful terrifying being without trying to go for world dominion, after all.

Really, just play it. I can't promise this is for everyone (I almost didn't keep playing when it asked me to sacrifice my pets, and interactive fiction isn't everyone's cup of tea), but I'd be remiss not to bring this to your attention regardless.

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This is terrible. It's basically just choose-your-own-adventure Live Journal fan fiction.

It's actually...so terrible, it's almost funny. The character you play is someone with Johnen Vasquez comics on the floor and Hot Topic clothes littering the furniture. You play a female or male goth chick from Mall Monkeys.