Apparently, there's still some confusion over whether the ownership of owning a video game console is worth spending the rest of your natural life in prison over. In another sad case of humanity sucking, two Kenosha, Wisconsin teens have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Their prize? An Xbox. According to a report from the AP, Capri Walker, 51, was found beaten to death in her home after intercepting a burglary attempt. The two teens charged with the crime are just 14 and 15 years old. Kenosha police chief John Morrissey said of the crime β€˜β€˜It's just frustrating and mind-boggling that these two young individuals would murder Ms. Walker. They were neighbors. It's a tragic, tragic ending for her." *sigh* Kenosha, Wis., boys accused of killing woman, 51, for Xbox [Chicago Sun Times]