WipEout Stylists The Designers Republic Shuts Down

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The UK design studio largely responsible for the identifiable visual style of Psygnosis' WipEout series, The Designers Republic has shut its doors after more than two decades in business. Why? Money problems.

The Designers Republic founder Ian Anderson tells the Creative Review that the studio, which handled visual work on titles like WipEout and WipEout XL, laid off all staff earlier this week. A seemingly perfect storm of cash-related issues ended the company, but Anderson says it will rise again in another form.

The design firm also worked on a handful of other video game related projects, including the PC game Hardwar and the original Grand Theft Auto. But it was probably the WipEout series with which The Designers Republic was most closely tied as the earlier games' typography, team design and icons were largely the result of their work.


The Designers Republic Is Dead; Long Live The Designers Republic [CR Blog]

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Shame. In my opinion, the visual direction in WipeOut even trumps F-Zero. The Zone mode is one of the most eye hurting, but visual appealing things ever :)