WipeOut Is Back! Kinda...

In 2012, Sony closed its Liverpool studio, home of the WipeOut series and one of the oldest (and coolest) game developers on the planet. In 2015, WipeOut is back, in all but name.

Formula Fusion is a new game, already backed on Kickstarter, that is being made by devs who have worked on WipeOut, Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club.

Anti-grav racing, futuristic vehicles, an electronic-heavy soundtrack...so far, so WipeOut. They’ve even gone and got design studio The Designer’s Republic to help out on stuff like logos, which WipeOut fans will recognise as being one of the defining features of the series’ almost timeless visual appeal.


Formula Fusion is being developed first for the PC, but there are stretch goals on the Kickstarter campaign for console ports.

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