WipeOut HD Update Brings Ranks And Badges

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Releasing tomorrow on the PlayStation Network, the latest update for WipeOut HD brings a new ranking system to online multiplayer games, along with flashy new badges to celebrate your racing prowess.


Online multiplayer gets a bit more competitive tomorrow as Sony introduces 50 ranks to WipeOut HD, giving players a little something more to race for. Along with the rankings, a new podium screen appears after each race, where players regardless of placing can earn any of 33 different badges based on how they performed.

A bit more competitive, but a bit more friendly as well, with the addition of friend invites, finally allowing players to invite their pals or join them in their own matches, already in progress. Speaking of in progress, joining a game in progress now allows players to watch the action in spectator mode, rather than simply waiting in the lobby while everyone else finishes.

Some excellent changes, though arguably features that should have been in the game from the get go. Still, a free update is a free update, and if you've been on the fence about whether or not you should snatch up the game, perhaps these changes will push you off into oncoming traffic.


Well, I'm glad to see they are still supporting this game as it is one of the very few PS3 games I own. I feared they scrapped support for it when they scrapped the dev team.