Illustration for article titled emWipeout 2048/em Delivers Voice Control, PS3 Competition to the NGP

Futuristic anti-grav racer Wipeout is a great fit for portables. It was a launch title for the original Playstation Portable and it looks like the latest iteration will be a launch title for the NGP.

Wipeout 2048 offers smooth controls and liquid fast graphics as you zip around the game's multi-tiered tracks against up to 8 players on ten new maps. The game also includes all the maps from the Playstation 3's Wipeout HD and supports cross-platform racing, something I was able to test during last month's NGP event.


NGP in hand, I raced against a gamer playing on a Playstation 3 set up on a television directly in front of me, so I could see that there was no slow down or issues with the cross-platform competition.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to check out two of the most NGP-centric additions to this Wipeout: The game's ability to use touch or voice-activated controls.


The game will also feature new modes, a new campaign, cooperative missions, challenges and leaderboards,

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