Wipeout 2048 Delivers Voice Control, PS3 Competition to the NGP

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Futuristic anti-grav racer Wipeout is a great fit for portables. It was a launch title for the original Playstation Portable and it looks like the latest iteration will be a launch title for the NGP.

Wipeout 2048 offers smooth controls and liquid fast graphics as you zip around the game's multi-tiered tracks against up to 8 players on ten new maps. The game also includes all the maps from the Playstation 3's Wipeout HD and supports cross-platform racing, something I was able to test during last month's NGP event.


NGP in hand, I raced against a gamer playing on a Playstation 3 set up on a television directly in front of me, so I could see that there was no slow down or issues with the cross-platform competition.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to check out two of the most NGP-centric additions to this Wipeout: The game's ability to use touch or voice-activated controls.

The game will also feature new modes, a new campaign, cooperative missions, challenges and leaderboards,



Glory days, can't wait to buy the PS3 version... shame we have to wait for another handheld before Sony dusts off the legendary Psygnosis but ah well at least we're getting something.

My only request is that we get a bit more support on the leaderboard cheating end of things, has that glitch on Zone mode Anulpha Pass ever been fixed? I haven't looked for a while.

Oh actually, 2 requests, it would be nice to have something to unlock while playing online, the rankings really didn't have any point to them at all, compared to other contemporary racing titles with the levelling up in place. Would it hurt to have a couple of skins per craft to unlock after a while?

Other than that, keep calm and carry on my darling Psygnosis (i know it's you)