Winning By A Nose, Mario Kart Edition

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“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile,” Dominic Toretto famously said at the beginning of The Fast and the Furious, “Winning’s winning.” Well let me ask you this, Dom: have you ever played Mario Kart?

Just look at that finish line! Those two Miis were literally racing neck and neck. The nose on pink-helmeted Mii’s kart looks like it’s an inch—nay, a few pixels—away from first place. I guess that makes it losing by a nose? Eh, same difference.

Reddit user 81toog, the Mario Kart player who posted this image, said it’s the closest finish he’s ever had. I’m pretty sure it’s the closest finish I’ve ever seen, too. But it’s hard to say for sure since Nintendo doesn’t let you adjust the camera angle in Mario Kart 8 replays to easily get screenshots with such a crystal clear view of the finish line. Oh, Nintendo.


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Not sure how to post this via mobile, but here’s my closet finish in Vine form.