Windows Will No Longer Interrupt Your Games To Annoy You About Updates

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We’ve all been there: you’re in the zone with a game—so dialed in that you can practically smell the body odor of the man you just kicked off a cliff—but then, suddenly, it’s gone. Windows has decided it’s update time, and also that you can go fuck yourself. Mercifully, that problem is now history.


The latest big Windows 10 update includes, among other things, improvements to Game Mode. Most are just standard quality-of-life things, but this one, spotted by PCGamesN, is a life-saver:

“Now auto-enabled for all games with a master On/Off toggle in Windows Settings, Game Mode suppresses Windows Update driver installs and blocks Windows Update interruptions such as restart notifications while you’re gaming. You may also see improved game performance with less FPS variability depending on the specific game and system.

Finally. Thank goodness. Is it too late to declare today a national holiday?

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Ok I don’t have Windows 10 but I have to ask the question anyway:

What could have possessed them to think it was ok to just tell the user to go fuck themselves whenever they wanted to push an update?

I have a friend that was doing live reporting of a TCG event recently whose computer did that during the event. Fortunately not during a match so he had time to deal with it but .. really? In what world is that an acceptable user experience?