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Windows 8 Was A "Giant Sadness", Says Valve Boss Gabe Newell

Illustration for article titled Windows 8 Was A Giant Sadness, Says Valve Boss Gabe Newell

He's rarely had kind words to say about Microsoft's latest operating system, but in the same interview with The Verge in which he spoke at length about his company's plans for a "Steam Box" PC, Valve boss Gabe Newell also talks about Windows 8.


Mainly, how it's a "giant sadness". And how he finds the OS "unusable".

I look forward to the winning entries from the inevitable Giant Sadness Game Jam.


Exclusive interview: Valve's Gabe Newell on Steam Box, biometrics, and the future of gaming [The Verge]

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Luke Plunkett

I'm a little surprised. "Unusable"? It's entirely usable. I get his bitching about the closed nature of MS store, it's in his interests, but saying it's unusable sounds like trolling.