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Win our Penny Arcade Expo Swag For Pennies A Day

Those of you who have been around on the site for awhile know that I am a cruel craftsman of contests. I like to include site scouring scavenger hunts, math problems, arcane historic knowledge in my quests for free swag. But I'm also in the midst of planning trips to New York and Tokyo over the next few weeks, so I don't have time to be cruel. Instead, I'm going to allow you to be creative. We have, at Adam's house, a backpack of Penny Arcade Expo swag that need to get into the hands of a faithful reader but quick. When I asked around in Kotaku Tower for ideas for a contest, Fahey was quick to come up with something equal parts diabolical and fun. Recreate a scene from a video game with pennies. I think he may have been joking, but I'm not. Make sure to include, when you snap your picture, something that says Kotaku on it in the image, so we know you're on the up and up. Deadline is Sept. 26. Mail all entries to KotakuContestATGmailDOTcom with "PAX" in the subject line and the photo in the body. We'll announce the winner that Monday. Here's what you have a chance of winning:Among the freebies that we are giving away with our schwag bag are tons of t-shirts (including pretty sweet Fruit Fucker and The Maw shirts) , a Fallout 3 survival guide, a World of Warcraft pet card from this year's WWI in Paris (the Blizzard guys were kind enough to hand one over to us), a ping-pong gun, a Champions Online backpack and plenty of other little do-dads. And yes, I'm giving away my one and only Vault Boy puppet. Oh the things he has seen.

UPDATE: If you live in a country free of pennies you can use coins of the penny variety from your homeland.

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