Brian Ashcraft risked life and limb standing in a line of at least 60 people just to buy a new DSi in Osaka last week. He's written up his early impressions of the camera-toting, music-playing device and plans to send it on to me later this week to hold onto until we can figure out how exactly wins it. That's right we're giving away this DSi to you, one of our readers. Hit the jump to read how you can enter to win the Japanese version of this DSi.It's been quite awhile since I've written up a contest here on Kotaku and with Ash's wife just about ready to pop out a new baby, I figured now is a good time for me to dip my toe into tormenting you all again. The contest for the DSi is going to be another scavenger hunt. To win you're going to need to find the answer to ALL TEN of our questions and email them into us along with the link where you found the answers. You will have until Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving to enter. I will then use a randomizer to randomly select a winner from those who answered the questions correctly. Keep in mind you can only enter once during that entire time and if you post the answers anywhere, including on this site, you will be immediately disqualified and perhaps banned. Now on to the questions. I'll start you out here with the first. You will find the second question at the bottom of the post where you find the answer to the first question... and so on. Good hunting: Question 1: What did a Colorado University cheerleader called the cheerleading mode of Wii Music? Make sure to email all ten answers with links to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom with DSi in the subject line. Remember you only have until Nov. 28 and enter only once. And while I cannot guarantee the DSi will work wherever you happen to live, this contest is open to readers worldwide. Standard Contest Rules