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Will You Open Silent Hill: Book of Memories? (Hrm, Maybe Not)

Illustration for article titled Will You Open emSilent Hill: Book of Memories/em? (Hrm, Maybe Not)

And more importantly, will they be good memories? Or bad ones.

Headed for the PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories isn't your mother's Silent Hill game. It's multiplayer. It exits outside the main canon. And, well, it's got an overhead isometric view, which doesn't sound scary. And it's multiplayer, which could be scary if you're playing with dicks.


The game features character creation as well as melee combat and guns. Did I mention it's multiplayer?

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is headed for the PS Vita in early 2012. That's next year!


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My history with Silent Hill (is very boring, but you're probably bored and will read on anyways)

Friend bought Silent Hill one (okay, he got it burned from the guy down the street).

Played it together at a "sleep over", and we thought it was fucked up to all shit.

Played Silent Hill 2 on an "Xbox" (this new console from Microsoft). Thought the controls felt weird and the better graphics got in the way of the gameplay.

The end.