Will You Keep Playing Skyrim After the Main Story Ends?

Bethesda's filled the province of Skyrim with enough side quests and random missions to keep adventurers adventuring for months, but commenter Bennythegamerguy found that the end of the main storyline signaled the end of his play time.

You know what I found odd while playing Skyrim? (Hold on) While playing, I would find myself starting a quest and ending with having more than what I began with. This excites me as I become more and more busy within the world of Tamirel. Now I thought to myself, "Heck, I have the main mission, brb peoplez," and went off to beat the game. Then I beat the game. Then I felt as if I did not feel like playing anymore. It's like the feeling of doing stuff before beating the game felt better than say...beating them after completing the main mission.


Nobody has that feeling too?

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