Will You Fight For Gratuitous Slow-Motion Panty Shots?

Namco Bandai's remarkably subtle and slow "What Will You Fight For?" viral videos for Tekken 6 get a lot less subtle the second time around.


Women in their underwear fighting over shoes...there is absolutely no way I could comment on the contents of this video without being accused of being a sexist pervert, and I am slightly tired of such accusations, so instead I will pose a question. What the hell is that red thing the second set of combatants is swinging around? It's driving me insane. Please send help.

UPDATE: Readers are telling me the red thing is a hair straightener, or flat iron. Not having hair myself, I never would have guessed. I love you guys.


Dr Durdon

It's a hair straightener. Duh. My wife uses one to....straighten her hair, or something. #tekken6