GameStop just dropped a list of stores opening at midnight to make sure 24-hour Walmart stores don't steal all of their customers when the game launches. Will you be staying up late to kill the gods?

That's what GameStop midnight launches are all about, after all. I'm sure part of it is making sure the customers can get their hands on the game at their earliest possible convenience, but anyone who has ever heard a GameStop manager complaining about the big box retail chain down the street knows that if the video game store isn't open at midnight for certain titles, business is going down the street, where players can buy God of War, a garden hose, and hosiery, all at once, all at 2AM.

Incidentally, you can check out a list of GameStop stores opening late for the God of War III release on Monday night here.

So will you be one of the few? Will you dress up as a god? Can we have pictures?