Will Wright Now A Part Of The "Play Industry"

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Talking to VentureBeat about, fittingly, his new venture, Will Wright made it clear how he relates to the gaming industry these days — and provided clues as to what he will do next to entertain us.


Wright tells reporter Dean Takahashi that his post-EA venture, the expanded Stupid Fun Club, is staffing up but staying small, adding some ex-Maxis employees but keeping headcount under 30. At least three projects are underway, all of which will have a web component and all of which seem that they will be playable in some way.

Two choice excerpts:

VB: Do you feel you are looking back on the game industry, as something in your past, and do you have a take on it now?

WW: I feel we are still in it because a couple of projects are games. We are taking the games industry into other areas. We are expanding what we call the "play industry." Games are limited in some ways. Play can be applied to so many different kinds of experiences.


VB: Do you think the future is more about Facebook games, or is more about console games?

WW: I think it is going to be a lot broader than either one of those two. Those are both experiences where you sit in front of the screen. They're very structured activities. I'm thinking much broader than that.

Plenty more in the full post, though you'll have to guess as to what Wright is actually making. I see clues. No specifics yet.

Will Wright on his entertainment startup, the Stupid Fun Club [VentureBeat]


Sim City died with Sim City 4. Whoever thought managing every single hospital and school was a good idea was probably a retarded EA designer who forgot that the regular game without insane micromanaging is actually fun. Oh yeah and don't forget that when players complained that the traffic algorithms were broken, EA responded by releasing an expansion pack to fix it instead of a patch.

Do whatever you want Will Wright. As a game developer, you are now dead to me. I'll buy your games again when you break away from EA and form New Maxis but until then I couldn't give half a shit about your career.

-Signed a disgruntled original-Maxis fan.