Will The Wii Remote Blend?

You know the drill. Gadgets, blenders, blending, poisonous smoke. Think two Wii Remotes can withstand the fury of a Blendtec blender? Answer, after a strangely gratifying 1:21, above.
[via Go Nintendo]


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These things have been ruined. It used to be that they just showed what it was and tried to blend it... now that they've got a bit of a budget they try to do a little "skit" whenever they blend something.

Let's first ignore the fact that all wiimote's come with strps pre-installed and you can get more for free. Besides that, it's obvious that neither of the men in that clip remotely know what a wii or wiimotes are. (Note he says we'll put both wiis in there... they aren't wiis you idiot, they are wiimotes!)

Also the sayonara comment isn't clever, isn't vaguely related to nintendo at all (it's a japaneese company, but their US division makes up the majority of their sales) and might be considered just a tad racist. A button based on a popular nintendo game would have been more clever. (Ba-bomb, Blue shell, ect..)