Will The Next Star Wars Video Game Star Boba Fett?

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It's not exactly news that there's a new Star Wars game coming. (Guess what: There is!) But the name for which Lucasfilm has filed for a trademark actually is kinda interesting, in a speculation-y way.


The company has applied for a trademark on the name "Star Wars 1313" for an upcoming video game. This was spotted by fusible.com, who speculate that the game could star Boba Fett, given that "CT-1313" was an alias that he once used on Aarganu.

You know what? While this is all rampant! speculation!, I actually think that a Boba Fett game would be great. That's largely because as much as I dig The Force, it does seem to be getting a bit played out in the video game setting. The Force has been unleashed one time too many, methinks.

A Dark Forces-like FPS or 3rd person cover-shooter starring Boba Fett, featuring rocket-packs and non-jedi-specific storytelling and moral grey areas? I'm into it.

Then again, it's Lucasarts, and we all know how they love to… well… ruin things. So, I'm not holding my breath for excellence. We'll see.

Lucasfilm Entertainment Company files "Star Wars 1313" video game trademark [Fusible via Joystiq]



I always wanted to play Bounty Hunter as a kid since I loved Jango/Boba. However, I've heard it's really bad. Some people on here seem to be expressing fondness for it though.