Will Sony's Welcome Back Campaign Hurt or Help?

Developer Housemarque was supposed to release multiplatform title Outland on the PSN in late April, but the network was hacked. The game's release was pushed back.

Outland is a unique digital title that's been getting rave reviews. In the wake of the PSN hack, the game might be getting something else: lost in the shuffle.


The game's developer Housemarque tells Kotaku Japan that it's somewhat worried how Sony's Welcome Back campaign is going to impact its PSN sales—with free games being handed out, who wants to pony up for a PSN game right now?

It is a real concern, but Sony's must do something to smooth over things with players. Then again, it could entice gun shy players back to the PSN, ultimately creating potential Outland players.

Whoever hacked the PSN didn't only stick it to Sony, he or she also stuck it to game developers like Housemarque.


PSN障害はどれほどの痛手? ダウンロード専門のゲーム開発会社に訊いてみた [Kotaku Japan]

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