In the latest episode of his podcast, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima took the time to bat down rumors in a new segment in which he replies to rumors simply by stating "yes" or "no".

Kojima's co-host read off a laundry list of rumors. Some of them, like if Kojima Productions developed that Dr. Lautrec game, were silly. Most of them were about Metal Gear. Here are the highlights:

• You'll be at the Microsoft E3 press conference: "No."
• You'll announce MGS5 at this E3: "No."
MGS 3DS will go on sale at the end of 2011: "Yes."
• The hero of MGS Rising is Gray Fox: "No."
MGS Rising's multiplayer is going to be on display: "No."
MGS Rising goes on sale on November 1, 2011: "No."
• You're porting MGS4 to NGP: "No."
• Next year, for Metal Gear's 25th anniversary, you're thinking of doing something big: "Yes."

Shame nobody asked him about non-Metal Gear solid stuff. Because Kojima-san doesn't have to make Metal Gear Solid anymore.


KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS [Hideoblog via はちま起稿]

(Top photo: Kevork Djansezian/Staff | Getty)