Will EVE Online's Console Shooter be PS3-Exclusive?

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DUST 514, the FPS console counterpart to CCP's sci-fi MMO EVE Online, is due for a big announcement at E3 2011 if this countdown clock is any indication. One fan went poking around through the site shortly after it went live and found some interesting things, since removed.


First would be these seven screenshots (gallery below), all of which appear to be new. Our tipster found a .jpg in a URL left exposed, ran the filename from 01 to 07, and came up with these. Note the PS3 branding at the bottom of the screenshots.

The tipster says he then found the .xml file that will replace the countdown once it reaches zero, and that page directs viewers to the PlayStation Blog after the end of DUST 514's live-streamed announcement.

And the countdown itself ends at 5 p.m. Pacific time on Monday which is, lo and behold, when Sony's E3 presentation kicks off.

Official CCP pages give no indication of its platforms, though two years ago it was marked for an Xbox 360 release. This may be a timed exclusive to the PS3. Or it may be something else. Whatever the case, we'll know in two days.

Countdown [DUST 514]



Wonder if this will play out like the opening to Firefly.

"We are getting hit hard. We need them to send backup!"

"Sorry, our company trolled us"