Will Diablo III Be Playable At BlizzCon?

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While waiting for my turn to click-click through an all too brief taste of StarCraft II, I asked Blizzard reps the inevitable "Since Diablo III isn't here, I assume will it be playable at BlizzCon?" After all, when the sequel to StarCraft was announced, it was publicly playable just four months later at BlizzCon 2007. Surely, we'll be getting our hands on the Barbarian and Witch Doctor in October... right? We got one of those non-answers that was very telling. "We haven't announced anything about what will be playable at Blizzcon," a Blizzard rep told us. Inconclusive, yes, but delivered with one of those smiles that one frustratingly can't print. It sure sounds like Blizzard is working to bring a playable copy of Diablo III to BlizzCon this year, but we realize that things can change at the last minute. However, if you're going to the 'Con in Anaheim this year, don't be surprised if you're knee deep in hellspawn and rainbows all weekend.

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Blizzard rep - "Well I can tell you right now the priest and bard classes won't be playable..."


*blizzard rep steals your recorder and runs out the back door*