The recently revealed New York City setting for Crysis 2 was met with just a touch of disappointment. "What of the open environments?!" commenters cried. Well, if Crysis 2 uses this tech, I don't think openness will be an issue.


Reader Jay tipped us off to this "Structure Procedural System" tech demo, which can generate building interiors dynamically, without overtaxing the memory of, say, the non-upgradeable consoles that Crysis 2 is coming to. And since this system was developed by Crytek programmer Marco Corbetta and 3D modeler Miragoli Gianluca—who doesn't work at Crytek to the best of our knowledge—it's not out of the question.


If Crytek can apply some of those fancy graphics to a system like this, we might not be too unhappy to shoot up Crysis 2's concrete jungle.

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