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Will consoles ever catch on in South Korea? Iconic Korean game developer Jake Song doesn't think so, recently saying, "Consoles are largely limited and have limited specs so there is a consensus that they are looked down upon from an online game developer's point of view... The markets for consoles are limited to USA, Europe, Japan and etc. The day where console games do sell in Korea will not come." [Naver Thanks, Sang!]



In a way, that makes South Korea ahead of the game. Remember when consoles caught up to arcade games? It was around the time of Tekken. After that point, arcades died a relatively abrupt death. The XB1 and PS4 (and naturally the Wii-U) epitomize a similar trend in consoles vs. PCs, where the very latest and greatest console is increasingly inferior to any reasonable PC counterpart. Things were on par seven years ago, but today PCs are already much more capable than a day-one console. Result? Significantly less interest from devs and consumers alike.

I think the PS4 will put on a good showing, but I'm also convinced that this is the last time we'll see a "console" in the traditional sense.