Will Bungie's Next Big Thing Require a Subscription?

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Bungie is a game developer that likes to create new universes and then fully explore them.


Games Marathon and Myth both led to three titles, while the Halo universe will deliver six by the time Bungie is finished with it and likely more from Microsoft.

Their deal with Activision for a yet-to-be named action game set in a new universe will likely be no different. The game will be, Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Kotaku, a title with ambitious plans of scale, one that will entail spending a lot of time in a new universe.

This idea of lengthy time spent in a video game universe could gel with Activision exectutives' desires to see some subscription-style revenue coming from their popular series, like Call of Duty.

Speaking this morning to Activision Chief Operating Officer Thomas Tippl, I asked him if it was possible that the new Bungie title would require a subscription.


"We are not ready at this point to talk about the business model of the game," he said. "Bungie has been working on this project for awhile and have a well thought-out business model behind it.

"It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that online is where the industry is going," he added. "The online component of Bungie's games has always been very important to everyone."


"Online should be expected to be a big part of their next game."

And gamers shouldn't rule out the possibility of Bungie's next big thing coming to the Wii as well.


"I absolutely believe there is a place in the world for the Wii," Harold Ryan, president of Bungie," told me after I asked him about the repeated use of the phrase "multiple platforms."

"When you look at platforms and core competitive game experiences, it's probably not that," he said. "But as we go through this franchise we will look at every platform people play on."


Man, if Bungie had a game with a subscription model in place I wonder why they'd bother with Activision and not just self-publish. A subscription based game could generate a ton of revenue for them, why bother sharing with a publisher. I suppose there's probably a lot on the business and distribution end of something like that where they wouldn't have the right type of staff to deal with it.

Personally I'd rather they don't do a subscription based game but I'll wait to see what it actually is before I get all up in arms.