Will Blizzard Shock and Awe During Next Month's Financials?

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Activision Blizzard are holding a lot of cards and I want to see all of them. It probably won't show em all during next month's conference call, but it still promises to be very interesting.


The company said this morning that it intend to release its fourth quarter and calendar year 2009 results on Feb. 10. Typically, that means they'll also be talking about what's to come in the way of raking in the loot and that means games. August's call with Actiblizz was certainly enlightening, but what will we hear this time around?


Maybe we'll finally get a Diablo III date, though I doubt it. Could be will hear about Blizzard's "other" project, also unlikely. But I bet we'll get a bit more on Modern Warfare 3, rumored to take place in Vietnam, and maybe even a bit about other upcoming, but still illusive titles.

What do you think?

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Of course it will take place in Vietnam. Those VC guys have been having a way too easy time lately with much too little self-righteous Americans clomping in on their soil and killing innocents.

I guess the real question over "MW3? already?" would be: "Will it become a yearly thing like UT did?". I'd like to know that, and I'd like that it didn't.