WikiLeaks' Next Scandal Is...A Halo 3 Collaboration

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It seems like an age ago, but the whole WikiLeaks furore kicked off earlier this year with footage of American forces shooting Iraqi civilians. The offending chopper pilots were accused, appropriately, of behaving like they were playing a video game.


San Francisco artist Sandwich takes this accusation and runs with it, overlaying stills from the disturbing footage with the heads-up display from Halo 3 as "a commentary on the soldiers featured in the video, whose impatience while waiting for orders to open fire displayed an utter contempt for human life, as well as modern warfare in general".


More WikiLeaks Street Art Going Up on Valencia [Uptown Almanac]

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Sigh. Once again those soldiers are made as a scapegoat just so that some dumb citizens in America can sleep at night.

Nevermind that they're the ones who put those soldiers there and they were doing exactly what they were trained to do in the first place.

This behavior is nothing new in war! War is that brutal, people! If you don't want this then don't vote for a leader who's gonna lead you into one!