Yes, there are nine exclamation points in the title of Nippon Ichi's new WiiWare game, a currently Japan-only title that captures the raw thrill of hitchhiking without the murderous side effects.

Let's Zenryoku Hitchhike!!!!!!!!! focuses on the more attractive aspects of hitchhiking—thumbing efficiently for free rides on cows, tractors and rickshaws—with none of the negatives—having your corpse dumped behind the brush of an interstate rest area.

Even if the hitchhiking gameplay doesn't immediately appeal to you, we're certain the bright pompadours and masculine jumpsuits will. We haven't heard yet of a publisher picking this guaranteed cash cow here in North America, but if someone signs on for Let's Zenryoku Hitchhike!!!!!!!!! publishing duties, we'll give 'em the thumbs up.