Wii's Dead Space Will Last as Long as Original

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Tidbits from a chat with Dead Space: Extraction's production team dropped a few tidbits, which add up to promises that the title will be a full game on its own, not a warmed-over port.


According to Skewed & Reviewed:

• Dead Space Extraction will take "about as long as it took players to play through Dead Space," according to someone unnamed on EA's production team. If that's so, they're building a rail shooter (yeah, it's a rail shooter) to last a dozen hours or so. It'll be interesting to see how they do that without getting boring or repetitive.


• New areas of Aegis VII (the mining colony where the infection breaks out) and the ship Ishimura will be revealed.

• The co-op mode will allow a second player to jump in mid-session, rather than require both players to start the mission together from the beginning.

• Vague promises of new weapons, badder enemies, different bosses to battle, etc.

Dead Space: Extraction Interview [Skewed & Reviewed via GoNintendo]

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Promises ,Promises and Excuses. That is what Nintendo is about these days and they rarely ever deliver.