Wii Vitality Sensor Too Mellow For E3?

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The Wii Vitality Sensor, unveiled by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata a year ago is a no-show at E3 2010, despite signals iit would be here. A Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku today that the peripheral wasn't right for the show.


The Vitality Sensor is a device that will read a player's pulse and other biometrics for still-unrevealed pieces of software. That software will be used to help Wii owners relax, making it perhaps the tonally wrong kind of software to showcase at an exuberant circus of an event like E3. At least, that's what a Nintendo spokesperson told us, explaining its absence at this show.

In March, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told us that "our focus is to bring to life how you could utilize the Vitality Sensor and our goal is to do that sometime around E3." Nintendo president Iwata had also described the Vitality Sensor as a late 2010 release, which would have made it a natural for this year's show, at least in terms of scheduling.

Plans changed, it seems, with the Nintendo 3DS taking the spotlight as Nintendo's big hardware topic of the show.


Koda Kazar

Good call on Nintendo's part. Microsoft's and Sony's pressers were boring during their motion controller parts, and this would've killed the "OMFGWTF?!?!?!" pace of Nintendo's presser today.