Wii Versions Of Jungle Beat, Pikmin Aren't Just Wii-makes

The first GameCube to Wii remake from Nintendo to release under the "Play On Wii" label will be 2005's Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. (It hits Japan on Dec. 11, with a North American release unconfirmed.) Formerly controlled by smacking and clapping near the DK Bongos controller — which I happened to snatch up day one, my judgment still impaired by a five minute play session at E3 — the Wii version will simply use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to make Kong run, jump and slap. But that's not all that's changing, according to a report from Famitsu by way of IGN. Famitsu writes that new level layouts and brand new stages will be added to the former GameCube-only Jungle Beat. The side scrolling platformer will use a more simplified control scheme, with A for jumps and waggling for attacks. Adding new content to Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat makes sense, as the game was comparatively brief for a modern platformer, somewhat thankfully so, considering you had to smack a lot of bongo skin to progress. Without that particular gimmick, a straight port for the "Play On Wii" version would likely feel even more empty. Famitsu also notes that the Pikmin Wii-make will use Wii Remote targeting to control the tiny titular characters, with mouse pointer-like controls likely to ease Pikmin management frustration. *Must resist urge to re-purchase games I own and didn't ever complete.* New Elements for Play it on Wii Selection Titles [IGN]


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