Wii U Gets A $390 ZombiU Package

Illustration for article titled Wii U Gets A $390 ZombiU Package

Nintendo is coming out with a new Wii U package, and it's full of zombies.

Starting February 17 in North America, you'll be able to find this $390 "ZombiU Deluxe Set," which comes complete with a black deluxe Wii U and GamePad, a digital copy of Nintendo Land, and a ZombiU disc. It also comes with a Wii U Pro controller.


This is the deluxe version of the Wii U, so you'll get your 32 GB harddrive and everything else that's included in the standard $350 deluxe package. The big differences: Nintendo Land isn't on a disc, and ZombiU is.


I played the Zombie U demo and IMO it was atrocious. This isn't the deal to spur WiiU sales. It may of had a better chance with NSMBU.