Wii U Games Will Cost $59.99

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Games for Nintendo's new system will cost $59.99, the Mario creators have confirmed to us.


This is an increase from last generation: the standard retail price for Wii games was $49.99.

The Wii U comes out November 18. The base package will run you $299.99.



I'm Tired of $59.99 Games.

Many people, like me, just won't buy games Full Price at $60.

They should have just stayed at $49.99, for awhile, or even gone down in price.

(Somewhat off topic)

For PC Games, mostly on Steam, I'll just wait for games to go on sale.

Last Game I bought at Full Price (that costed at least $40), was Portal 2 Last April.

If i had a Better Video Card and the Money, I would buy Borderlands 2 at Full Price, but that's about it right now.

(Now, back to the Wii U about the games should be cheaper)

Reason: If they are gonna be releasing a New System, you want people to be able to buy more games, along with the system.

Having all games cost $59.99, they won't sell as much since people won't want to spend that much money for the game, on a system that will cost them $300 anyway.

While people may complain to me saying "It's only $10 more", it will add up if you buy a bunch of games.

And the fact not everybody is made of money (unlike my friend who thinks i am).

Most will wait until the prices go down, and/or they have sales.

I personally, Since i don't even have a Nintendo Wii, I might get 1 of those soon, since with the Wii U coming out, the Price for the Wii will most likely go down much more.

There are many games I've been wanting to play in the Wii, that i was never able to play.